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Discover how Carbon printers were critical to bringing the Bastian Solutions Shuttle System to market. Adopting the printers reduced the lead time by two years and saved the company $100,000.

Using Carbon printers allows for on-demand production. Whereby the manufacturers can produce customised grippers for customers once it has been purchased.

The Carbon printers offer highly detailed prints in a variety of materials, find out more here or contact us via the link below.

"Shark Fin" Adaptive Gripper

Due to growing demands with online shopping, autonomous handling is required to be faster, more durable and work with a more diverse products.

The material handling robot needs to be agile enough to virtually pick up any product, this requires the “gripper” to be nimble, able to twist/turn and more importantly, able to conform.

Bastian Solutions found that EPU 40 material was the perfect match

Why use Carbon?

Carbon were able to produce unique grippers that couldn’t be produced by traditional thermoplastic processes due their complexity.

Carbon didn’t stop there. The majority of autonomous handling robots are made from metal because they need to be durable and rigid. However, Bastian decided to replace these metals parts with equally strong, but more lightweight, parts printed from Carbon RPU 70.

Using polymer parts reduced weight, increased speed, conducted less heat (compared to metal) and therefore required less energy to cool.

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