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Meet the new range of Carbon 3D Printers

Carbon 3D uses DLS technology to be able continuously print objects. Each cross sectional layer is cured and formed so quickly that the Z-axis is required to be constantly moving.

Produce parts with engineering compatibilities regardless of build orientation


Glossy, matte and textured finishes can be achieved from the same resin

Fine Detail

Print fine details down to 0.3mm or print large models rapidly. There’s no limit


Wide range of quality materials to meet all demands


Create lattices in your design to improve print time, material use and usability

Carbon Digital Light Synthesis™ (Carbon DLS™)

Carbon printers have developed their own rapid printing technology to become the fastest resin printer on the market.

Rapid Printing

Carbon Digital Light Synthesis™

Welcome to the future of UV resin printing. Normal SLA printing will create each layer using a singular laser to map out the shape. Carbon 3D printers project UV light in the shape of the cross-section to cure it instantly.

Due to the speed in printing each layer the Z-axis will continually rise, meaning that the process is continuous. This creates layer-less parts.

High Quality Prints

Part Performance is not Compromised

Even though the parts are printed quickly their properties are not compromised. The parts produced are to a standard suitable for end-use consumption, the complexity of parts is ideal for prototyping and the range of materials available means you can design for any situation.


XY Resolution:   75 µm

Z Resolution:   100, 50, 25 µm

Layer Thickness:   Layerless, isotropic parts

Accuracy:   +/-200 microns

Build Volume:   189 x 118 x 326 mm

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Design Engine Software

Every Carbon 3D printer comes with free access to the worlds leading lattice making software. Achieve intricate, quality lattices to fit any shape.

Create instant lattices


Printing a lattice object over a solid object uses less material and decreases your print time.


Therefore leading to lower costs and quicker lead times.


Lattices also have desirable traits such as better cushioning, breathability, lower weight and better flexibility.

Carbon Printers

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Check out the material range available

Loctite Clear

Clear, tough, semi-rigid material that mimics PE

Technical data sheet

EPX 82

Long-term durability and excellent mechanical properties that are close to glass filled thermoplastics

Technical data sheet

RPU 70

Strong, stiff and flame resistant material that is similar to ABS

Technical data sheet

RPU 130

Good impact resistance, very tough and highly heat resistant that is close to the properties of Nylon

Technical data sheet

EPU 40

Highly elastic and tear resistant. It has a good impact resistance that is similar to TPU

Technical data sheet

EPU 41

Very resilience, energy returning, performs well at low temperatures and more elastic than EPU 41

Technical data sheet

MPU 100

Medical grade material which is biocompatible, sterilisable and has a good chemical resistance

Technical data sheet

CE 221

Excellent strength, stiffness, and temperature resistance. Comparable to glass filled

Technical data sheet

FPU 50

Impact, abrasion and fatigue resistant material that is suitable for repetitive stresses. Similar to PP

Technical data sheet

SIL 30

Soft touch, biocompatible and tear resistant which is ideal for ergonomic use

Technical data sheet

DBR 10

Very rigid material that produces highly accurate and quick models

Technical data sheet

UMA 90

Simple, colourful and quick to print. Ideal for prototyping and similar to conventional printers

Technical data sheet

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