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We exclusively partner with the premium, market leading brands from prototyping through to production so our customers know they’re working with the best products the market has to offer.

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Explore our range of Markforged Carbon Fibre 3D printers. Whether you need parts as strong as metal, flame retardant parts or tough & durable parts, Markforged is your go-to Industrial 3D Printer.


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Explore our range of Formlabs 3D printers, to discover how you can have greater access to digital fabrication at every stage of production. Using ground-breaking technology, Formlabs’ latest creation starts a new era for the 3D printing industry.


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Driven by technology and passionate about innovation, Ultimaker offers a range of high-quality 3D printers, software, materials, and support. These printers are for those that value usability & a wide range of materials.


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Explore our range of Bigrep 3D Printers which are high-performance 3D Printing systems that produce full-scale products. For those who require the best in industrial large scale additive manufacturing.


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Explore our range of Raise3D 3D printers. Re-imagine traditional manufacturing and offer the most exceptional 3D printing experience with a global, reliable, & affordable manufacturer with 3D printers ready to customise products on demand.


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Discover our Range of Sindoh affordable & reliable 3D Printers. A professional range of 3D Printers which come with unique user-friendly features making them incredibly easy to use and a wide range of materials.


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Explore our range of large-scale Massivit 3D Printers. If you’re looking to print large format parts at unprecedented speeds, Massivit 3D is your answer. Capable of printing huge parts which stop crowds, are parts of movie sets or props for visual communications.


Discover Massivit 3D


Pocket NC offers 5-axis desktop CNC milling machines.

These small, tabletop machines are ideal for education, rapid prototyping, or personal machining projects. The mills can cut metals and plastics.


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Peel 3D Scanners provide professional-grade handheld 3D scanning in its purest form. Simply create high-quality 3D scans of small or large objects whilst keeping your project on a budget.
Scan most items directly without any preparation as they recognise the shape of objects automatically!


Discover Peel 3D



Solid Print3D & Measurement Solutions are proud to present Creaform 3D Scanners which are the perfect solution to non-contact 3D scanning which can accelerate both your workflows and time-to-market.


Discover Creaform



Discover more about how Materialise Magics software can revolutionise your 3D printing process. With the ability to convert files to STL, fix issues, modify designs and prepare your prints with ease.


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3D Printer OS are an Advanced Manufacturing Software Solutions Provider who’s products are used by Fortune 500 Companies, OEM’s & Top Universities. One easy-to-use platform for managing files, machines and users across your business


Discover 3D Printer OS


The Voltera V-One is a multi-functional circuit printer that builds PCB’s instantly, optimising research and development productivity at your desk. The V-One is easy to learn and use, and is trusted by leading education institutions.



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BCN3D printers are versatile and user friendly tools which are ideal for designers in their development process. A large material range, big build platform, automated bed leveling and optional tooling stations allow more effective design iteration



Discover BCN3D

Wazer are the leaders of their industry, Water Jet Cutting. Wazer have managed to create a water jet cutter that is possible of creating accurate and neat cuts through almost any material. The unit is small enough to fit in any standard workshop, and requires only water, electricty and abrasive to run.


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