Markforged Blacksmith Software

Adopt Blacksmith into your workflow to achieve real-time quality control on your prints.

Onboard AI systems and 3D scanners measure the accuracy of printers and adapt to improve precision

Automated Quality Improvements

Blacksmith uses advanced AI to continuously asses the printers output and adjust its settings  to improve the parts quality

Quicker Lead Time

Real-time quality control will measure and record every part that is printed ensuring that the final product meets your design specification

There is no need for manual measuring, updating systems or to recall faulty parts meaning the part can go straight from print bed to your client

Cost Effective

Printed components will be fit for end use as they will be scanned and tested against your own specifications. The Blacksmith software is software is able to replace the lengthy quality control method as well as the costly staff and CMM that comes with it.

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Blacksmith scans each component and identifies areas of precision and areas to improve

How does it work?

Adaptive additive Manufacturing

  • Import your design onto Markforged slicing software, Eiger
  • Print
  • Blacksmith will used the integrated laser scanning system in the X7 to create a 3D scan cloud of your print
  • The 3d scan cloud of the print will be compared against the original STL
  • Inbuilt AI will adapt the printer settings to maximise printer output
Blacksmith Adaptive Additive Manufacturing

Easy to intergrate

Blacksmith adapts to your current x7 printer 

All you need to get set up is a Markforged reference bed. Before printing your final product, place the reference bed in the X7 to calibrate it’s on board 3D scanning systems.

Then when you go to print your part in Eiger, make sure to turn on the Blacksmith Software and press Print.

Blacksmith is integrated into Eiger, no additional training is required and information is track automatically


Effortless tracking of your printer and finished components

Automated maintenance and quality

Blacksmith will track and record the tolerances and quality of the prints. Tolerances are recorded, maintenance is predicted and parts are consistently accurate.

Blacksmith enables efficient one-off production as the print can go straight from the printer to the customer, with no manual quality checks.

Blacksmith 3D cloud scan data


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