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With over 35 years of experience, the TriMech Group offers a comprehensive range of design, engineering, staffing and manufacturing solutions backed by experience and expertise that is unrivalled in the industry. The TriMech Group's solutions are delivered by the divisions and brands shown here, use the links above to visit the group's websites and learn more.

3D Printers for large format additive manufacturing

BigRep manufactures large-scale, industrial 3D printers designed for creating sizable, full-scale components, and can even handle substantial quantities of smaller items in a single print run. These printers boast an impressive build volume of up to 1 cubic meter, which is sufficiently spacious to accommodate two baby elephants or equivalently matches the printing capacity of approximately 40 desktop printers!


BigRep Pro

Iterate Fast. Produce Faster. Get To Market Fastest.

Introducing the BigRep PRO: a powerhouse 3D printer with a 1 m³ build volume, designed for seamless prototyping to production. It excels in creating accurate, full-scale parts faster and more affordably than other methods.


BigRep Studio

Graduate From Desktop. Get Industrial.

Step up your 3D printing game with the BigRep Studio G2. This printer elevates 3D printing beyond your desk, offering the convenience of a desktop 3D printer while boasting a 10-fold increase in build volume.


BigRep One

Large-Scale Innovation. Limitless Creativity.

Discover the award-winning BigRep One: a large-format 3D printer with a generous one-cubic-meter build volume, trusted globally by designers and manufacturers alike for its reliability and affordability.

Benefits of BigRep industrial 3D printing

Large-Scale Printing

BigRep 3D Printers offer significant build volumes, enabling the creation of large-scale industrial parts and components in a single print.

Diverse Materials

BigRep offers a wide range of industrial-grade printing materials, allowing for versatile applications across various industries and use cases.

Precision and Reliability

These printers deliver exceptional accuracy and precision, ensuring intricate details and complex geometries are faithfully reproduced.

With a focus on quality and durability, BigRep printers provide consistent and reliable performance even during prolonged printing sessions.

Efficient Production

Advanced technology and optimized workflows result in efficient printing processes, reducing production time and increasing overall efficiency.

Customisation and Prototyping

Ideal for rapid prototyping and customised manufacturing, BigRep printers facilitate iterative design processes and small-scale production runs.

Cost-Effective Production

The ability to manufacture complex parts in-house reduces the need for outsourcing, leading to cost savings in the long run.

Industrial-Grade Materials

BigRep offers a selection of engineering-grade materials that meet industry standards for strength, durability, and functionality.

Improved Tooling

BigRep printers can produce customised jigs, fixtures, and tooling, enhancing manufacturing efficiency and reducing production bottlenecks.

Supply Chain Flexibility

On-site 3D printing capability enhances supply chain flexibility by enabling on-demand production and reducing dependence on external suppliers.

BigRep 3D Printers – For greater build volume as chosen by Ford

Industrial 3D Printing Materials

BigRep ensures the creation of its industrial 3D printing filaments through meticulous control, guaranteeing uniform diameters and consistent composition.

They are sealed in controlled, low-humidity conditions for safe storage and transportation – ensuring reliable, even extrusion regardless of whether they’re used today or after a reasonable shelf life.

From budget-friendly, versatile filaments to top-notch, engineering-grade materials tailored for rigorous industrial needs, BigRep provides a comprehensive range to suit your requirements. Specifically designed for large-format 3D printing, these offerings bring your designs to life in their full-scale glory.

Compare BigRep Printers

​With a large 3D printer, you can advance your manufacturing capabilities with 3D printed prototypes, jigs and fixtures, patterns and moulds, and end-use parts.

Where size isn’t a limiting factor, BigRep industrial 3D printers are built to make you faster and more agile, getting your products to market ahead of the competition.

Compare BigRep 3D printers in our matrix below:

3D PrinterTechnologyBuild VolumeMinimum Layer ResolutionMaterials AvailableUnique Selling PointOpensourceCost of Machine
Bigrep Pro

Bigrep Pro
FFF/ FDM1005 x 1005x 1005mm100μmPA6/66, ProHT, PLA, PETG
More engineering materials in development:
Industrial Large Format 3D PrinterYesCall Us:
01926 333 769
Bigrep One

Bigrep One
FFF/ FDM1005 x 1005x 1005mm100μmPLA, PETG, Pro HT, Pro HS, Pro FLEXLarge Format 3D PrinterYesCall Us:
01926 333 769
Bigrep Studio G2

Bigrep Studio G2
FFF/ FDM1000x 500 x 500mm100μmPA6/66, ProHT, PLA, PETG
More engineering materials in development:
Industrial Large Format 3D PrinterYesCall Us:
01926 333 769

BigRep Downloads

Best Practices Guide for Superior 3D Prints

Best Practices Guide for Superior 3D Prints

Understand DfAM and find the best strategies, software, and training to put it to use in designing better products and parts with Additive Manufacturing in mind.


How to Reduce Lead time with in house supply chains

How to Reduce Lead time with in house supply chains

Learn how designers and manufacturers across industries have created incredible efficiencies in their usual project timelines by adopting large-format 3D printing technologies.


Boyce Technologies Case Study

Boyce Technologies Case Study

Discover how Boyce Technologies were found to ‘win business’ with cheap, quickly made but incredibly high quality BigRep 3D printed parts.


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