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Explore our range of BigRep 3D Printers, for those who want the best industrial large scale additive manufacture.

Bigrep 3D Printers – For greater build volume as chosen by Ford

Compare BigRep 3D Printers

3D PrinterTechnologyBuild VolumeMinimum Layer ResolutionMaterials AvailableUnique Selling PointOpensourceCost of Machine
Bigrep Pro

Bigrep Pro
FFF/ FDM1005 x 1005x 1005mm100μmPA6/66, ProHT, PLA, PETG
More engineering materials in development:
Industrial Large Format 3D PrinterYesCall Us:
01926 333 769
Bigrep One

Bigrep One
FFF/ FDM1005 x 1005x 1005mm100μmPLA, PETG, Pro HT, Pro HS, Pro FLEXLarge Format 3D PrinterYesCall Us:
01926 333 769
Bigrep Studio G2

Bigrep Studio G2
FFF/ FDM1000x 500 x 500mm100μmPA6/66, ProHT, PLA, PETG
More engineering materials in development:
Industrial Large Format 3D PrinterYesCall Us:
01926 333 769

Discover more about Big Rep from a UK Reseller

Why Solid Print3D?

At Solid Print3D, we aim to provide you with the best service possible in the purchase and support of your Big Rep 3D Printer. Whether you require training, technical advice or additional support regarding the operation of your new printer, we will be there to help with our team of 3D printing experts on hand.

World Class Support

We provide world-class support from our in-house 3D printing experts, to make sure that the experience you have with your new Big Rep 3D printer is as seamless as possible.

Training in 3D Printing

We also offer training in how to fully utilise your new 3D printer, with courses available for FDM/FFF and SLA printing.
Bigrep Pro

BigRep Vs. DIY Printers

Do I have the time and labour to build a printer? How long will be take? BigRep come fully assembled and can be running within a day

What are the hidden costs of making my own printer? While the initial price tag for a BigRep is higher, the cost of labour, parts and upgrades for a DIY printer add up fast.

Am I confident in the components of the DIY printer? BigRep printers are German engineered with high quality components to deliver quality parts.

How much downtime are you willing to risk? BigRep are made to run 24/7 and come with techincal support to minimise downtime

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How to Reduce Lead time with in house supply chains


Learn how designers and manufacturers across industries have created incredible efficiencies in their usual project timelines by adopting large-format 3D printing technologies.


Industrial leaders around the world like Ford Motor Company, Airbus SAS, Steelcase and more have leveraged BigRep’s large-format additive manufacturing systems to avoid the pitfalls of early stage product development, tackle traditional production bottlenecks, and create valuable opportunities for increased testing and iterating. They’ve realised massive reductions in time-to-market and increased product quality by implementing industrial 3D printing for novel manufacturing solutions.

Boyce Technologies

Discover how Boyce Technologies were found to ‘win business’ with cheap, quickly made but incredibly high quality printed parts.



Learn how Teignbridge optimised their propeller making design to manufacturing process using Bigrep 3D printers.



Paravan were able to achieve life-changing vehicle customisation in a shift in their automotive production with Big Rep.



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