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The TriMech Group offers a comprehensive portfolio of engineering and design software, hardware, professional services, and support, to clients accross the globe. Use the links above to visit the group's websites and learn more.

Unleash Your Creativity with Bambu Lab 3D Printers & Filaments

Bambu Lab 3D Printing offers cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced professionals. Achieve exceptional print quality with ease, explore a range of innovative features, and elevate your 3D printing projects with Bambu Lab.


Bambu Lab X1 Series

Compact powerhouse 3D printers offering high-speed printing, leveraging carbon-fibre-infused materials for exceptional strength & precision.


Bambu Lab P1S

Fully enclosed body with a proper cooling setup, the P1S enables better print performance with a wide range of advanced filaments.


Bambu Lab P1P

The Bambu Lab P1P 3D printer offers affordable, plug-and-play functionality with endless customisation options.

Why Choose Solid Print for Bambu Lab 3D Printing?

Buying a Bambu Lab 3D printer from Solid Print3D can offer several significant benefits, including:
Expert Support

We provide expert support and guidance throughout your 3D printing journey.

We have in-depth knowledge of Bambu Lab 3D printers and can help you choose the right model and accessories for your specific needs. Our expertise can be invaluable for both beginners and experienced users.

Training and Education

We offer training and educational resources to help you get the most out of your Bambu Lab 3D printer.

We provide in-person and remote training sessions, user manuals, video tutorials, and online forums. Proper training can significantly reduce the learning curve and improve your 3D printing skills.

Access to Multiple Units

If you require a fleet of 3D printers for your projects or business, SolidPrint 3D can help you procure and manage multiple Bambu Lab 3D printers efficiently.

We are sometimes able to offer bundle deals or bulk purchase options, ensuring you have the equipment you need to meet your production demands.

Fast Delivery

We have a stock of Bambu Lab 3D printers readily available for quick delivery. This can be crucial if you have time-sensitive projects or need to replace a printer quickly.

Fast delivery options ensure minimal downtime and uninterrupted production.

Networking and Community

Being part of our customer base can provide opportunities for networking and community engagement.

You can connect with other users of Bambu Lab 3D printers through our events, forums, and user groups. This can help you exchange knowledge, tips, and ideas, fostering a sense of community among 3D printing enthusiasts.

Customisation and Upgrades

We are able to offer customisation options and upgrades for your 3D printer. Whether you need specific modifications for your projects or want to enhance the printer’s capabilities, we can guide you through the process and provide the necessary components and services.

Benefits bambulab solidprint3d

In summary, purchasing a Bambu Lab 3D printer from a value-added reseller like Solid Print3D offers numerous advantages, including expert support, training, access to multiple units, fast delivery and the opportunity to connect with a broader 3D printing community.

These benefits can enhance your 3D printing experience and help you achieve your goals more efficiently.

Bambu Lab 3D Printing

Bambu Lab are renowned for their cutting-edge technology and user-friendly approach to 3D printing.
  • Precision and Reliability – Bambu Lab 3D Printers are engineered for accuracy and consistency. You can rely on them to produce high-quality prints time after time.
  • User Friendly – Designed with ease of use in mind, these printers are perfect for both beginners and experienced users. You’ll spend less time troubleshooting and more time creating.
  • Versatility – Bambu Lab 3D Printers are versatile and compatible with a wide range of materials, allowing you to bring your creative ideas to life.
Bambu Lab x1-carbon 3d printer won

Bambu Lab X1E 3D Printer Combo

Introducing the Bambu Lab X1E 3D Printer, a game-changer in the world of 3D printing for professionals and engineering applications. 

This latest release from Bambu Lab is a great first step into the benefits of 3D printing for your business, with its features of:

  • High-temp material printing
  • Reliable high-speed CoreXY
  • Off-cloud operations and #AI failure detection
  • And More!

Bambu Lab Filaments

Elevate your 3D printing projects with Bambu Lab materials. From PLA Basic to high-performance PAHT-CF, explore a variety of innovative materials designed for precision, strength, and exceptional results.


PLA Basic


+ Easy to Print & Beginner Friendly

+ Smooth Surface Finish

+ Biodegradable




+ Very Low Moisture Absorption

+ Exceptional Mechanical Properties

+ High Dimensional Stability




+ Extraordinary UV Resistance

+ Exceptional Temperature Resistance

+ High Impact Strength and Durability




+ Less Clumping and Stringing

+ Premium Print Surface

+ Improved Mechanical Properties & High Flexibility




+ Low Moisture Absorption

+ Exceptional Mechanical Properties & Layer Adhesion

+ High Tensile Strength




+ Carbon Fibre Texture & Minimised Layer Lines

+ Improved Mechanical Properties

+ Stablised Printing Dimension




+ Superior Strength and Stiffness

+ Toughness & Vibration Resistance

+ Exceptional Thermal Resistance


PETG Basic


+ Less oozing, Stringing and Clumping

+ Exceptional Light Transmittance

+ Water & Impact Resistance




+ Tough and Durable

+ Good Heat & Freezing Resistance

+ Comes with High Temperature Reusable Spool

Scaling 3D Printing with Expertise

At Solid Print3D, we understand the challenges organisations face when scaling up their 3D printing operations. Here’s how we, as your value-added reseller, can help:

Seamless Installation

We handle the installation of your 3D printers, ensuring they’re set up correctly, calibrated accurately, and integrated smoothly into your workflow.


Efficient Networking & Fleet Management with 3DPrinterOS

Our solutions like 3DPrinterOS enable remote management, making it easy to monitor, schedule jobs, and maintain multiple printers as your fleet expands.

Streamlined User Management

We implement user management systems to optimise printer usage and prevent bottlenecks as your 3D printing operations grow.

Materials Expertise

Count on our knowledge of various 3D printing materials to help you choose the right ones for your specific applications, ensuring quality and cost-effectiveness.

Preventative Maintenance

Our scheduled maintenance visits keep your printers in top shape, preventing costly breakdowns and downtime as you scale.

Tailored Customer Success Plans

We create personalised plans to guide your long-term success, offering strategic advice, ongoing support, and continuous improvement recommendations.

Reliable Support & Backup

We provide timely technical support and robust data backup solutions to keep your 3D printing operations running smoothly and securely.

Comprehensive Training

Our training programs ensure that your team, from administrators to end-users, has the skills needed to optimise performance and adapt to changing needs.

In the world of 3D printing, scalability is a challenge we’re equipped to help you conquer.

Partner with Solid Print3D to unlock the full potential of 3D printing in your organisation.


Contact our experts


Explore the Bambu Lab Automatic Material System (AMS) for multicolour, uninterrupted 3D printing


  • Enjoy printing freely in multiple colours and materials. (Applicable to most materials such as PLA, ABS, ASA, PETG, PC, etc.)
  • With AMS, Bambu Lab printers can use snap-away support material or dissolvable filament minimising the pain of removing supports.
  • Say goodbye to filament wastage caused by manual spool replacement when it runs out. Bambu Lab’s AMS ensures a smooth transition to a new spool, maintaining uninterrupted printing and reducing filament waste.
Bambu lab RFID Intelligent Printing



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