3D Printing in the Automotive Industry

Not only are the products we sell innovative, the way designers have been using them have unlocked a world of possibilities. Discover new ways to make the most out of your 3D printer or scanner and learn some of the automotive 3D printing applications.

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On-demand spare parts

Spare parts for old cars

Brose are a huge company which supplies consumer goods in over 80 automotive brands. They have recently invested into the Formlabs Fuse 1 as a way to supply consumers with spare parts.

Car manufacturers have a duty to supply consumers with spare cars so that they can continue to use their car for years to come. Doing so is more sustainable, eco-friendly and keeps customers happy.

Traditionally, manufacturers would produce a large amount of spare parts and store them until they are needed (this could be years!)

How Brose have used the Formlabs Fuse 1

Conventional manufacturing processes of car parts is expensive. You must invest in large machinery, which is labour-intensive, requires a lot of space and demands a lot of power.

Due to the high set-up costs and the amount of energy required to implement a certain workflow, manufacturers can not afford to recreate this production solely for spare parts. Therefore, they must produce enough spare parts to last a lifetime.

Instead, Brose have created the clever system of using additive manufacturing to produce spare parts once they are demanded.  On-demand spare parts.


Better Quality

Storing parts for long periods of time can reduce their quality as the parts can be exposed to UV or moisture. Parts being produced with the formlabs Fuse 1 will be made from their advanced material range, the spare part may actually preform better than the original.

No Storage

On-demand production means that there will be no storage costs, no maintenance costs and no risk of the goods being stolen or damaged.

Infinite Parts

Finding parts for classic and older cars is an expensive and tiring process for car owners. Brose have created a system which takes the stress out of looking for spare parts.


The process is more efficient overall. It minimises material use, storage costs and stops over or under producing the spare parts.

3D Scanning and Body Work

3D scanners and 3D printers have the ability to streamline the design process of the body work of automobiles, saving companies £1,000’s of money and reducing the lead time to market.

Innovative Body Work for Motortcycles

How is the process more efficent?

The old process for creating the body work for a motorcycle involved producing an initial model of the shape. Once the designers were happy with the shape, they would have to physically measure the dimensions, reverse engineer the shape and use this dimensions to create a 3D model on CAD.

Taking physical measurements and inputting them into a computer is time consuming and near impossible to achieve a true representation of the part due to the inaccuracy of physical measurements.

Using a peel3d scanner allows you, the designer, to take a physical model and create a accurate 3D CAD model.

3D Printing Industry Review

Technology experts have given this fine scanner glowing reviews:

“It’s not a stretch to say this was one of the most immaculate scans we’ve ever produced at 3D Printing Industry.”

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Explore the endless possibilities

How do professionals use the peel3d scanner?

The Youtube channel ‘Salvage to Savage’ records and publishes a variety of work they do using the peel3d scanner. These are experts who have been in the automotive industry for years.

“If you’re using CNC machinery and more advanced equipment; the peel3d is the bridge that links all these things together. It boosts efficiency and makes your process more accurate”

“peel is the company to hook up with”

Producing the Body Work

No jigs, no fixtures and no long wait times. Print parts now

When it comes to creating body panels for cars the out-dated approach is to create large jigs, moulds and fixtures from your prototype model. Creating moulds is time consuming, expensive and requires highly skilled training.

The Massivit 1800 Pro is a large scale printer that can create body panels in a matter of hours. The printer is so large that parts do not need to made separately and reattached.

Streetfighter LA used the Massivit 3D 1800 Pro to produce a life size, 16 piece body kit in only 64 hours!


3D printers are more than a prototyping tool, they are a manufacturing solution for big companies

Carbon 3D Printers


Lamborhini are demanding more from their manufacture; they need more complex shapes, higher precision, better materials and they need it now!

Carbon printers are Lamborgini’s choice of production due to their variety of materials and precision in printing.

Future Technology

“Moving forward we are putting more effort and resources on using additive manufacturing technologies for production of parts for Lamborghini vehicles, and in working with Carbon, we have found a partner that shares our vision for creating best-in-class products that push the limits of what’s possible.”


Why Carbon

Lamborghini’s adoption of additive manufacturing to create cutting-edge air vents marked a milestone. The end product was produced to a high standard, with an adrenaline charged feel and in minimal time.

After experiencing the quality and efficiency of the Carbon Digital Manufacturing , Lamborghini recognised that using Carbon printers didn’t just change how things re produced, it changes the way parts are designed, engineered and researched. Adopting Carbon printers has lead to a more flexible manufacture and reduced lead times by 50% due to the fact expense tooling is becoming redundant

Case Studies

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Joe Townsend

Markforged parts enabled for a better, more efficient Paralympic bike

SNG Barratt

Learn how Formlabs printers were used to create high quality, end-use parts


Brose used formlabs SLS printers to create a on-demand spare parts production


Ford created customised jigs for each of individual car using Ultimaker printers

Air Force

Ultimaker printers created specialised parts and tools for the Netherlands Air Force

Van Amersfoot

Ultimaker allowed Van Amersfoort Racing to create their parts in a short time frame

Nera Motorbike

Nera is the first motorbike that is manufactured by a 3D printer (Bigrep)

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