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Automotive 3D Scanning

Introduction Over the past fifty years, the automotive industry has grown massively, with more people behind the wheel everyday. Consequently, car manufacturers are having to add more and more to thier cars to satisfy every user requirement. As a result …

Neil Sewell

December 1, 2020


Over the past fifty years, the automotive industry has grown massively, with more people behind the wheel everyday. Consequently, car manufacturers are having to add more and more to thier cars to satisfy every user requirement. As a result of this, the manufacturing process has to adapt in order to suit newer models. Instead of producing just one model, factories now use flexible production methods to make multiple models in order to satisfy the publics demmands. This is being achieved with automotve 3D scanning.

Creaform Car Body Part Scanning
Creaform Car Body Part Scanning

How does 3D scanning benefit the industry?

With the help of 3D scanning, digitalising the production line is revolutionising the automotive industry around the world. Experts have created 3D images of operation facilities by using scanners, which can compare the different production methods for each vehicle model. This is much quicker way of refining production plans, a massive improvment from using polystyrene models. Additionally, 3D scanners can measure hard to reach areas, fr example the tunnels use to dry the vehicle’s paintwork.

By improving the production process, factories can produce more than one model in house, due to the ability to replicate the manufacturing methods. Furthermore 3D scanning helps us move towards a fully automated process ontop of already being a precise measurement tool. In the future, it can be visualised that 3D scanners will be incoperated into robots, which will scan the enviroment, throughout the assembly line.

Other benefits

3D scanning can also help lower development costs, provide strict quality control checks and create distincive designs, helping automaker stand out.

Quality Control

When comparing 3D data and CAD drawings, deviations can easily be obtained. This makes dimensional detection of complex and curved objects/surfaces much easier. Additionally it helps get data for hole pitch, 2D dimensions, and assembly clearance.

Virtual Assembly

Precise, high quality 3D models can be produced with 3D scanning. Result can then be obtained by preforming simulations on professional 3D software. Consequenly, if the model fails, you can easily improve and develop it using the 3D software.

Reverse Engineering

By using 3D scanners you can reduce both development cost and time to development cycles. This is due to the accuracy of 3D scanners which provides detailed models while reducing time for artificial mapping. As a result, revesed engineering models can come out in ultra high detail, very quickly.

Motion Analysis

By using 3D scanning you can gather structural analysis and dimensional design while under different motion conditions. This then gives you precise 3D data you can use to iterate your part.

Peel 2 CAD Scanning


Overall, automotive 3D scanning has revolutionised the industry for the better. And its still improving it as we speak!

SolidPrint3D is here to help you make the right choices when it comes to 3D scanning. We offer both Peel 3D and Creaform scanners. If you’d like to get in touch with us today about how 3D scanning could benefit your buisness, contact us today. Either via email at or call us on 01926 333 777.

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