AM Efficiency have developed the market leading post-processing, de-powdering solution for SLS and MJF 3D Printing. AM Efficiency optimises speed, cost and versatility to transform ‘print to product’.

Cleaning, colouring and polishing automation equipment for SLS from AM Efficiency.

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Affordable 3 in 1 solution for SLS post processing


AM Efficiency provides the most efficient way to automate post processing of your SLS 3D printed parts. It can optimise your process economically with proven return of investment.

AM Efficiency-11

Deliver beautiful, finished, dust free parts


The CCP-2 will streamline your post processing workflow by reducing the time spent manually depowdering parts. Save space and investment in separate units with this 3 in 1 machine. CCP-2 can transform prints into finished products with versatile finishes using just one machine.


Clean, colour, dye and polish


 Use the CCP-2 to apply different finishes using one drum and a range of media.

Clean– “cleaning media”

Dark grey finish – “cleaning and colouring media”

Polish – “polishing media”

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Machine information and data

Cabinet volume: 990 liters
Drum Volume: 65 liters
Size WxDxH: 1350x1100x1760
Power connection: 3fase, 380V 16A
Air pressure: Minimum 4,5 Bar maximum 8,6 Bar
Air Consumption: 800 liter/min
Sound level: 77 dB
Vacuum: 3 Kw (included)

Post processing for your SLS 3D Printed parts with AM Efficiency.

AM efficiency post processing

Post processed parts

This part has been post processed from start to finish using the AM Efficiency clean, colour and polish blasting media.
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