Comparing 3D Scanning Technologies

3D scanners are revolutionising the manufacturing industry. Engineers and designers across the field are integrating them into their workflows — for a good reason. From automotive manufacturing to healthcare, consumer goods, and art, 3D scanning enables users to digitize physical …

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How Do 3D Laser Scanners Work?

Capturing the World Around You With 3D Laser Scanning Since the dawn of civilisation, humans have needed to register information on their surroundings. Evidence shows that ancient Egyptians surveyed the area to build their famous pyramids around 5000 years ago. …

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Pocket NC Desktop CNC Machines — What’s the Difference?

In 2011, desktop manufacturing was revolutionised. Pocket NC — the world’s first desktop-sized 5-axis CNC milling machine — arrived on the market, making CNC machining more accessible and affordable than ever before. Although the company has rebranded to Penta, it …

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