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3D scanning a live crocodile!

The applications of the 3D scanning technology we have within our portfolio never ceases to amaze our technical experts here at Solid Print3D!

Solid Print3D

April 4, 2024

The applications of the technology we have within our portfolio never ceases to amaze our technical experts here at Solid Print3D and our recent project was no different!

In March 2024 we joined University of Warwick PHD student Sunil Dhillon onsite at Crocodiles of the World in Oxford, to support him in capturing 3D data for his research project.

We used the peel 3 3D scanner to capture detailed models of the Tomistoma crocodiles, for use in the study focusing on biomimicry solutions for engineering applications.

The study focuses on the how the crocodile scutes (bony external plates) design supports the prevention of erosion and drag and also penetration from predator attacks. Using the peel 3 we were able to capture the crocodiles with 100 microns of accuracy and the surface of the scutes were great for tracking as they are textured and have lots of detail for the scanning technology to pick up on.

Another fascinating application for 3D scanning – from automotive to animals and much more in between!

Our team are ready to offer their expertise and support for your 3D scanning application

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