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3D Printing Makerspaces

Create a Makerspace at your facility and provide an area for making, collaborating, learning and sharing.

Below you can find our expert recommendations on which 3D Printers, CNC machines, 3D scanners and 3D software will be best to accommodate your makerspace. We offer discounts on selected products with proof of Makerspace status. Get in touch to find out what we can offer your Makerspace.

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Our top Picks

Form 3

Form 3


  • High quality parts
  • Range of resins
  • Desktop printer
  • 145 x 145 x 185mm
Ultimaker S3

Ultimaker S3


  • Opensource
  • Range of materials
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • 230 x 190 x 200mm
PocketNC V2-10 Side Profile

Pocket NC V2-10


  • 5 axis CNC
  • Cuts materials up to a hardness equivalent of 4140 Steel.
  • 116 x 127 x 91mm
  • Dummy

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Looking for CAD Software?

Solid Solutions provide free SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software for entrepreneurs and startups

Use the best CAD tools to design, create, test and simulate your product and launch your product to market with SOLIDOWORKS. Apply for one of two licenses; Entrepreneurs (Individual) or the Accelerator/ Incubator license (Multiple).

For more information and to get in touch for your SOLIDOWORKS license click the button below.

Need to make strong parts?

Radically reduce the time from prototype to market

Markforged desktop printers are great addition to any makerspace for producing strong and high quality parts. Markforged printers use Onyx which is 1.4 times stronger and stiffer than ABS and if you need your parts even stronger continuous carbon fiber can be printed in long strands, creating composite parts many times stronger and stiffer than Onyx.

Find out more below how a Markforged printer could benefit your space.

Markforged desktop printers for your markerspace


Radically reduce the time from prototype to market

Trusted by companies such as Kodak and Cisco, the 3DPrinterOS cloud infrastructure helps businesses of all sizes in every industry securely access and manage their analytics, users, files and manufacturing machines from a single interface.

3DPrinterOS is built on a pure cloud/web/mobile architecture so it infinitely scalable and can be deployed privately for maximum security.


Makerspaces are suitable for…


Make prototypes for projects or use 3D printing for research purposes. Find out more about how 3D printing can benefit your school or university.

Innovation Centres

Bring together communities and together explore the potential of additive manufacturing and reverse engineering using 3D printing and scanning.


Transform libraries today by incorporating 3D printing, giving access to the public allowing them to learn new technologies and print their own parts.

Centres of Excellence

Explore 3D printing and learn new skills for additive manufacturing to apply and solve real world problems.


Use 3D printing to help prototype or even manufacture products. With wide materials available and high quality printing process such as SLA, find out how our products could help kickstart your business.

Catapult Centres

Find the right printer, scanner or CNC machinery for your industry and innovate current production and research methods.

Additive Manufacturing Centres

Increase your production capacity or find various solutions available to help improve your workflow.

Think Hubs

Design get your ideas made in CAD. 3D print and develop your ideas. or even 3D scan and reverse engineer to find a solution. See what products might benefit your space.

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Formlabs Tough 1500 Resin - Solid Print3D

Makerspace FAQ’s

What is a makerspace?

A makerspace is a collaborative work space inside a school, library or separate public/private facility for making, learning, exploring and sharing that uses high tech to no tech tools.

Who would use a makerspace?

Makerspaces can be used by anyone but typically creative business’s, students, entrepreneurs and school children for making, collaborating, learning and sharing.

What makes a space a makerspace?

If a makerspace sounds to you like a co-working space or a tech incubator, they’re similar, but not quite the same. A makerspace is about more than just being in the same space with other creators. It’s about having access to the specialised tools and talent required to build the thing you want to create — and then taking advantage of those tools and talent to actually do it.

How are Makerspaces being used for start-ups?

Should you need a 3D printer to build a prototype? You’re likely to find one at a local makerspace.


Looking for an engineer to draw up plans for your new idea? There’s probably one right down the hall from you there.


Just want to collaborate with others who are eager to get together and make something? Look for your people in a makerspace.

If you want to create something, but you don’t have what you need to do it all on your own — whether it’s expensive equipment or people power — chances are you can do it in a makerspace.
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