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We offer a range of workbench manufacturing including 3D Printing, Scanning & Metal Production.

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We exclusively partner with the premium, market leading brands from prototyping through to production so our customers know they’re working with the best 3D printers the market has to offer.

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The Aerospace industry is utilizing 3D printing technologies to manufacture high-quality aircrafts but at low-cost.

3D printing  is more successful as compared to traditional methods, thus benefiting all sectors i.e. civil, defence, and space sectors.

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A great way to visualise and help develop ideas and engage students.

3D printing opens new learning possibilities giving students the opportunity to experiment and learn new skills.

3D printing can create high quality concept models perfect for showcasing to clients and offers more creative freedom.


With traditional methods taking up valuable time, 3D printing can help optimize your time and take care of complex and time consuming tasks.

Creating jigs, fixings and prototypes can be costly using traditional methods. 3D printing is an affordable and great alternative offering a range of new possibilities for engineers.

The technology offers a vast range of materials, creative freedom and the ability to produce parts on demand.

3D printing is a great addition to the automotive industry due to the high manufacturing set up costs of production.

With large scale build volume printers available, this technology offering a great alternative to traditional production methods.

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3D Printing can be used to assist in manufacturing allowing parts such as jigs and fixings to be produced quickly, helping improve a products quality.

Alternatively 3D printing can be used to produced products when required perfect for small production volumes/bespoke products.

SLA printers offer highly accurate print perfect for creating bespoke products. With their range of medical resins these are perfect for the dentistry industry.

This technology makes moulds much easier and cheaper to produce and in combination with 3D scanning items can be seamless made to perfectly fit the user.

3D printing can produce highly accurate bespoke parts and rapidly produce medical implants used in procedures.

This technology allows for more customisation when creating prosthetics, allowing them to be tailored to each individuals needs.

About Solid Print3D

Solid Print3D offer honest, impartial advice & best-in-class solutions. With world class support we have become a trusted partner to a rapidly increasing number of UK & Ireland engineering businesses.

We pride ourselves on listening and understanding your exact requirements before we offer any solution and work with you to prove the return on investment.

Solid Print3D is a sister business to Solid Solutions – the UK’s largest SolidWorks reseller and one of the largest SolidWorks resellers in the world. We support over 19,000 UK design & engineering companies offering seamless 3D Scan >> 3D CAD >> 3D Print expertise.

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It’s important we work closely with you to understand your exact requirements. The technology we recommend, the 3D Printer we print on and the materials chosen will all be particular to your application & business to prove your concept and usually requires a discussion.

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Get Advice On The Right 3D Printer For Your Business

Choosing the right 3D Printer for your business?

Whether this is your first foray into 3D Printing, or if you are a 3D Printing veteran, choosing the right printer for your requirements can be a daunting task. With new acronyms appearing every week and the industry rapidly evolving it can be difficult to understand the technology, systems, materials, mechanical properties and surface finishes and which methodology is going to work best for you.

Below we list some typical questions you will need to think about:

What is the Maximum size I will need to print?

Printers come in all shapes & sizes. One of the first questions you should ask yourself is, what is the largest part i will need to print” and “am i happy gluing smaller parts together?” Our printers have varying build volumes from a 200mm cube to a full 1m cube and getting this right will save you money & time.

My product needs specific mechanical properties.

The 3D Printing industry is moving at an ever-increasing pace, but the biggest strides are being made with a variety of materials now available. Will you part need to withstand a load, withstand high temperatures, work in an abrasive environment, withstand UV light, or is it just a quick prototype to test the aesthetics? From everyday PLA to Continuous Carbon Fibre or even Metal printing we can advise you on the best material & technology for your needs.

My part needs to be highly detailed.

The surface finish on 3D Printed parts is getting better with every new generation of printers & the advances being made with material science. Typically SLA (Stereolithography) produces a better, most consistent finish than FDM but this comes at a slightly higher cost with materials. FDM printers are good enough for most applications these days but for an “injection moulded” look & feel, SLA is your go-to technology.

What is the lifetime cost of a 3D Printer?

Typically a 3D printer is costed over a 3 year period. The ROI (return on Investment) can vary depending upon the application but it’s not uncommon to see a 3D Printer producing production parts pay for itself within 3 months. If you are currently outsourcing 3D Printing, want to check fit & function, or just rapidly iterate you design without lengthy lead times, 3D Printing is a tool that saves businesses time & money every day.



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